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Hailing from a family which has called Florida home for over 10 generations and with one side being a part of the Minorcans, who were some of the first Europeans to settle in Florida, you can say I have plenty of warm weather and beautiful beaches in my blood. Florida has seen some drastic changes since I was a child however, and my yearning for the days of old when the beaches were quiet and the wildlife abundant led me to set out to find my own "New World". 

I never imagined that a remote Caribbean Island would not only steal my heart and soul but also provide for a unique opportunity to share this blissful slice of heaven with others. Here my spirituality and love of Mother Nature can thrive and I invite you to be a part of a unique community of homes which will not only be eco-friendly and intimate but affordable too. 


Life is a journey, not a destination. There are some destinations however, which are well worth the journey. Come experience peace and serenity amongst the very best Mother Nature has to offer and indulge your senses on my island paradise.

Guy Masters